For those of you who don't know, "Chibi" is a Japanese word meaning "small child" or "short person". Among anime and manga fans (Japanese cartoons and comics); however, it's become a term used to describe child-like versions of characters.
Easter Chibi
The one above isn't a great example of a chibi, but it is child-like and it fits my idea of a chibi.... regardless of what my friend says.
Like my other pictures these were drawn on paper, a picture was taken of them using a camera and they were then edited using the Gimp. I don't really remember how I did the backgrounds, but they are amazing, at least to me. XD
Above two pictures I drew last year for a project. We had to choose a topic that effected the entire world and mine was Human Rights. My idea was making T-shirts and these were two possible images to put on them. These two would be for "Innocent (the picture of the angel) Until Proven (in words) Guilty (the picture of the Devil)".
For my school newspaper, I was told to come up with drawings for Easter. I drew a few and... none of them were accepted. Wasn't too happy, but that's life. I love this one though. Its so cute. :)
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