On the Bus  


I wrote this last year while I was riding home on the bus. I noticed how dull everything looked when I was looking through the bus window and, well, this is what sprouted.


On the bumpy bus,
On my way home
I look out the dirty window,
Out at the world unknown.

The plants, the sky, the clouds,
Colors disrupted by the murky brown.

An alarm goes off,
I turn around.
A boy caught red-handed,
Pulled the bell.

People are stupid,
Kids are dumb,
I’ll look back out,
And see the sun.

It blinds me for a moment,
Then I can see,
What the world,
Is meant to be.

I grin, and stand.
I step down.
My journey,
Has come to an end.


©Evelyn Sanchez 2009


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