Blood Pops Recipe  

Blood Pops are a type of candy in J.K. Rowling's popular 7 book series, Harry Potter.

My friend, Veronica, has come up with a very interesting recipe for these unattainable sweets.

She provided the recipe, I'm filling in the blanks.


Please note:

This is a joke, do not attempt to actually make it, who knows what could be in the blood. This recipe is purely for the amusement of myself and any others who find it so.

I am not responsible should you attempt to make it and fail or get ill, nor is Veronica.


1.) Fill the ice tray with your choice of blood.

2.) Put the lollipops in the rack of blood. ONE pop per cube.

3.) Put the tray in the freezer and let it sit until the blood is frozen, about 9 hours.

4.) Take out and enjoy.

What you need:

1.) An ice tray

2.) Blood, Veronica recommends AB positive. "I just prefer AB positive," she tells me. "It's sweeter and has a nicer texture."

3.) A lollipop of your choosing, Veronica personally enjoys blow pops; however, it would be best to use one without any filling.

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