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A Pandemic Occurrence

By: Evelyn Sanchez and Veronica Hernandez

The Characters

King Henry: The father of Prince Arro.

Prince Arro: A noble who is unaffected by the disease because of his isolation in the castle. He has blond hair and blue eyes. 16 (aka William)

Lord Balington: Lord of the northern castle.

Vladimir: Arro’s cousin, son of Caspar.

Prince Caspar: King Henry’s brother.


Xavier: A peasant whose family died from the disease while he remained immune to it. He has a mysterious past which lead him to helping Arro. He has black hair and violet eyes. 18 (Aka James)

Elizabeth Green: Xavier’s "aunt". She took him in after his family died.

Sir Joseph Earltoncloff: Xavier’s father.

Anna: Little girl who is infected. Her mother abandons her and Xavier helps her so her mother will take her back in.

Old lady and Old man: Silvia’s parents.

Silvia Scott: light brown skin and dark brown hair like us and blue eyes

Captured girl 1

Captured girl 2

Bathhouse Manager


Veronica's Thieves:

Big Red: Leader of thieves.

Thief with Bad Haircut

Thief with scar on face takes out box

Thief with 3 fingers missing

Thief with very little clothing on


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