Pig: Florida Wild Boar  
Dark creatures were moving in the tall weeds on the roadside, so we pulled over for a closer look.
Dark creatures in the brush
The little ones scurried off into the trees, but this big one nosed the ground between two rows of orange trees. I wanted it to turn around so I could get my first decent wild pig picture.
Then it started to turn with its snout sniffing the air as though it knew I was watching from a distance that suddenly seemed extremely insufficient.
Wild boar in a Florida orange grove
Florida wild boar, black pig sniffing the air in a roadside orange grove
Florida wild boar, black pig looking at me
This was my first wild boar encounter. I wasn't very close, but even so, that was a BIG pig! When we made eye contact I decided that it could outrun me and I high-tailed it out of there right fast.
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