How to make a Paper Origami Nest  
Once you have your square sheet of paper, fold it in half diagonally twice so the fold lines make an x from corner to corner.

Next, fold the paper in half side to side. Repeat.

Fold each corner in to the middle.

Flip the paper over.

Fold each corner in to the middle.

diagonal fold
Origami Paper Nest or Origami Paper Dish
Fold Lines
Fold in the corners
Now fold each flap in half so the center points rest even with the outer edge.  These will be the feet of the nest.
Flip over and fold the corners again
Fold the Feet back
Flip the paper over.
Flip feet down and fold the center points to the outer corners
At this point, you have the opportunity to get creative.  You can fan-fold the flaps, fold them flat back, or try rolling or cutting them and see what happens.  I'll show you the fan fold.
With a little practice, the fan folds can be even and all end up with the final tip pointing in the same direction.  Or, be creative and make them however you want.

When you have the top edges folded or rolled or cut to your satisfaction, pinch the corners to pop the nest up into three dimensions:

Fan fold the flaps
Fan fold the flaps
Put your finger in the triangle to lift it, then pinch from the outside. Do this from all four corners. It might take a bit of adjusting.  Place the nest on a solid flat surface and push the inside to square the inside bottom edges.

Ready for more?  Try a bird or an egg.

Lift the corners open
Pinch the corners upright
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