Holly Candy Grammy's Green Holiday Candy  
When I was little my Grandmom made these holiday treats to share with her friends. I helped. They look like holly with red berries. When you eat them beware - your mouth turns green for a while!
Green Holiday Holly Candy
You'll need a few cups of Corn Flakes cereal, a bag of marshmallows, a teaspoon of real vanilla extract (look for pure on the label; the fake stuff isn't the same!), green food coloring, an inch and a half or so of a stick of butter, red hots (aka red imperials), some wax paper and patience.
Melt the butter over low heat in a saucepan. Dump in the marshmallows - I've used both large and small. Stir every so often until they melt, and then add a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract and lots of green food coloring.
Butter melting in a pot with a spoon
Next stir in some Corn Flakes. We didn't measure them, but it was roughly two cups. Stir gently so they don't break. You might want to add them a little at a time so you don't put in more than you have enough green marshmallow to cover.
Next comes the part where you need patience. Spoon the flakes onto wax paper in little cookie sized lumps. Good luck with that!
Melting Marshmallows
melted marshmallows with green food coloring and vanilla extract
The candy is sticky. It's hard to get it off of the spoon. Work fast, because the colder it gets the more it sticks together, to the spoon, and to anything, even a butter covered spoon, that you try to use to get it off of the first spoon. It can be done - hang in there!
Stir Corn Flakes into marshmallow mix
Decorate each candy with a few red hots. If your kids are helping you, consider purchasing extra red hots. Mine were eating the red hot candies faster than I could put them on the yummy green marshmallow treats and I didn't have enough to put three on each one this time. They still looked and tasted great.
Corn Flakes in green marshmellow, vanilla and butter mixture
Green Holiday Holly Candy Slowly Falling Off Of A Spoon
Green Holiday Holly Candy
Grammy put her treats in tins and stored them in the freezer. I cut the wax paper around mine so I could put them on plates to share. I slipped the plates into zip-lock baggies and refrigerated them until I gave them away.
These green holly holiday marshmallow treats are a great way to teach kids to brush all of their teeth. The green food coloring leaves your mouth green for a little while. Have your kids brush and then check the mirror to see if they missed any spots. Even oral hygiene lessons can be fun with a little creative cooking.
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