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When I cut my paper snowflakes, I start with a sheet of paper folded like this one on the left. The previous page has directions that will help you get your paper folded for cutting paper snowflakes.

The top of the paper is scrap. Keep your designs below the line formed where the top flap folds back.

I've drawn a very simple snowman to show you what it looks like. See how the arm of the snowman goes all the way to the side of the page? It is important that some of your design goes from edge to edge so the snowflake holds together.

paper folded to make a six sided snowflake
Now I've cut out my snowman snowflake design. Let's unfold it and see what we get:
Not bad, but you can really see the marker I used to draw my pattern.
paper folded to make a six sided snowflake with a snowman design drawn to cut out
When I make snowflakes, I use a pencil, and sketch very lightly so the lines don't stand out like that. Being able to erase as I sketch is very helpful too!

I add lots of shapes to my snowflakes including: snowmen, bells, stars, trees, candles, candy canes, trains, gingerbread people, reindeer, sleigh... The only limits are your imagination.

Cutting paper snowflakes does not have to include these shapes. For beginners and children, start with cutting out simple triangles and see what you get. It's a great way to develop fine motor skills and introduce geometry to kids! Of course the first lesson needs to be safety - cut the paper, not your fingers. Never ever put yourself between the scissor blades!
Paper Snowman Cutout
Cut Paper Snowman Snowflake
The glare of the sun reflecting off of the snow can be extremely bright. These snowmen have sunglasses on:
Cut Paper Snowman With Sunglasses Snowflake
Symmetry is another good term to introduce to your kids. If I fold a snowman in half, he's the same on both sides and the edges line up. That won't work with a candy cane, so I can't draw those on the folded edges of my flake and have them look right. See the gingerbread men holding the candy canes? I drew the canes in the middle, not on the edges.
Gingerbread Man Paper Snowflake
Give it a try, and see what you come up with. I'm going to go cut out some more paper snowflakes so I have enough to decorate my windows and share with family and friends.

My snowflake quilling pages have a couple more of these paper cutout snowflake photographs, and now there is also another cut paper snowflakes page.

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