White Peacock Butterfly  
Just kidding - but I did come home from work and find this peacock in my yard! I tried for a couple of hours to get decent photos (my neighbors probably think I'm nuts; I was knocking on their doors asking for permission to go into their yard to get pictures as I chased the bird through the neighborhood.) Here's the White Peacock Butterfly:
White Peacock Butterfly
The silver dots under the leaf in the photo below are White Peacock Butterfly Eggs on Bacopa, one of their host plants.
I'm looking for another caterpillar so I can get better pictures, so bookmark me and check back to see what I find.
White Peacock Butterfly eggs on Bacopa
White Peacock Butterfly caterpillar (larvae)
The drought and water restrictions have nearly killed off my Bacopa, which my White Peacock Butterflies laid eggs on before, so I've been searching other host plants for them; I found some chewing on Green Shrimp Plant.

I've heard that they'll lay eggs on Phyla nodiflora, but I haven't found a caterpillar on mine yet. They sure like to nectar on it though:

White Peacock Butterfly nectaring on a small Bloodberry Bush:
White Peacock Butterfly nectars on phila nodiflora
White Peacock Butterfly nectars on Bloodberry Bush
White Peacock Butterfly
White Peacock Butterfly
White Peacock Butterfly
The butterfly on the right is a photo from October. The one above (reminder to look up when I took the picture and update this) is more pale, the one on the right more colorful. They seem to have deeper colors as winter approaches, but it could be just a newer or older butterfly too. I'll try to remember to pay attention and update this when I can say it one way or the other for sure.

White Peacock Butterfly sipping nectar from a Hempweed Vine flower:

White Peacock Butterfly on a Hempweed Vine
I was about to replace some of the older pictures with these better ones, but then I remembered Google Image Search. I've waited and waited for it to find my pictures, so I don't want to risk removing one that they might have indexed! The photos also demonstrate that if you practice something, for example, butterfly photography, you do eventually get better at it. I'm still practicing, so check back to see if they get better. Practice makes....
White Peacock Butterfly nectars on Spanish Needles:
White Peacock Butterfly on a Spanish Needles Flower
White Peacock Buterfly on Plumbago Flower
The blue flowers this White Peacock Butterfly is resting on are Plumbago. I've seen lots of butterflies pause to nectar on my Plumbago bushes; they seem to like it.

Speaking of flowers, I found another White Peacock Butterfly on a Climbing Aster Flower, but it wasn't eating. Don't look if you're squeamish.

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