Viceroy Butterfly Limenitis archippus
Viceroy Butterfly, Limenitis archippus
Viceroy Butterfly, Limenitis archippus
These critters are not in my yard, and it's quite a drive to where they live. I'll chase them again one day though...

It is interesting to note that Viceroy Butterflies group together even in the day time like Zebra Heliconian Butterflies do when they roost at night (photo below.)

Viceroy Butterfly, Limenitis archippus

If you have a large reddish butterfly, and you think it might be a Viceroy, look at my compare red butterflies page to see what butterflies (in South Florida) could be confused with a Viceroy.

Take a close look at the wing, and see if the white spots are bordered by black scales. (Butterfly wings are covered in scales; have a look.) Viceroy Butterflies have black bordering and or surrounding the white wing spots.

Viceroy Butterfly Roost
Viceroy Butterfly, Limenitis archippus
Viceroy Butterfly, Limenitis archippus
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