Variegated Fritillary Euptoieta claudia
Variegated Fritillary Chrysalis
All I have is this picture of a Variegated Fritillary Chrysalis. I went to a NABA meeting, and the folks from Meadow Beauty Nursery were there, and they'd brought this chrysalis for show and tell. Fortunately my camera was in my pocket so I was able to grab a fast photo of it.

I stopped by their nursery today hoping to buy the caterpillar, um, I mean a host plant with the caterpillar on it, but I didn't find one, and they said they hadn't seen another visit them after this one emerged and flew off on their property.

They aren't as common as many of the other butterflies readily available there.  I'll check back with them another time, and perhaps I'll get lucky and find one.

In the meantime, my other butterfly pages are much more complete, so have a look at those.

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