Which Hairstreak ?  
Gray Hairstreak Butterfly
These little Hairstreak Butterflies are small, and they fly away fast. If you can keep your eyes on one long enough, you can most easily tell these two apart by their red markings, or lack thereof. The Gray Hairstreak Butterfly (left) has a bit of red on the lower wings, and the Red-banded Hairstreak Butterfly (above, right) has a line of red across both wings.
Red-banded Hairstreak Butterfly
Visit my page on each butterfly: Gray Hairstreak Butterfly and Red-banded Hairstreak Butterfly for more pictures and information.

There are other little hairstreak butterflies, that you could mix these up with. Have a look at my main butterflies page to see which butterflies have posed for me; I have a few more hairstreaks there now.

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