Orange-Barred or Cloudless
Sulphur Butterfly Caterpillars?
The green caterpillar on top is an Orange-Barred Butterfly Caterpillar.

The Green caterpillar to the left, and the yellow one to the right are Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly Caterpillars.

Orange Barred Sulphur Butterfly Caterpillar, Green Form
Below, the yellow caterpillar in the foreground is an Orange-Barred, and the greenish one behind it is a Cloudless. How green or yellow they are depends on if they've been eating the yellow flowers or the green leaves, it does not help you determine which type of caterpillar they are.
Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly Caterpillar
Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly Caterpillar
Sulphur Butterfly Caterpillars
Sulphur Butterfly Caterpillars
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