Malachite Butterfly Siproeta stelenes
I've looked for this green butterfly for years, and it was well worth the wait. Malachite butterflies are Beautiful!
Malachite Butterfly, Siproeta stelenes standing on my fingertip

The MalachiteButterfly is nectaring on a Hammock Snakeroot Flower.

Malachite Butterflies lay eggs on Green Shrimp Plant. It's a common weed in Southeast Florida, but the butterflies are rather rare here.

Malachite Caterpillars are dark black with blood red spines. Don't worry, the spines are soft; I've picked up the caterpillars and not been harmed. Some moth caterpillars sting, so always research before you touch.

Here is a Malachite coming out of its chrysalis:

Malachite Butterfly, Siproeta stelenes, nectaring on Hammock Snakeroot Flowers
Green Shrimp Plant Flower
Green Shrimp Plant
Black with Red Spines Malachite Butterfly Caterpillar Eating Green Shrimp Plant
Malachite Butterfly, Siproeta stelenes, black caterpillar with red and yellow spines
Malachite Butterfly, Siproeta stelenes
Malachite Butterfly, Siproeta stelenes, just emerged from its chrysalis
Malachite Butterfly, Siproeta stelenes
Malachite Butterfly, Siproeta stelenes
Green Malachite Butterfly, Siproeta stelenes
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