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This pair of Julia Butterflies was the highlight of my day! The male is the darker orange one at the top. His proboscis is tasting my finger, as though he wasn't busy enough all ready!

(Image below is a different pair)

Here's a close-up view of the butterfly tasting my finger, and if you look carefully you can see the tiny claws on the end of its legs.
This next two photographs are the same image, a smaller full view, and closer view of the middle of the image. I liked the way the Julia Butterfly's eyes look like soccer balls.
Mating Julia Butterflies
Mating Julia Butterflies
Julia Butterfly Proboscis Tastes My Finger
Mating Julia Butterflies
Mating Julia Butterflies
Julia Butterflies
See how the female Julia Butterfly is lifting her abdomen while the male flies nearby? I've seen them do that twice. Once they mated, the other time they didn't, at least not while I was still watching. The pair on the left didn't, but the pair below did. The large pictures on this page are the pair I found today all ready engaged; I didn't observe their behavior before they began.
Mating Julia Butterflies
Julia Butterflies
Male Julia Butterfly
These last three pictures are a Julia pair that I ran after with my camera as they flew together trying to get away from me.

The photos of them in flight are a bit blurry, but they're good enough to show that when they fly joined, the male tows the female behind him:

Once butterflies begin, they don't separate until they're done, even if you disturb them. They fly together to a safer perch to finish. It seems a bit rude, but it's a good time to hold them.
Julia Butterfly Life Cycle

Julia Butterfly Nectar Photos

Julia Butterfly "Birds and the Bees"  page 2

Once again, I'm out of space before I'm out of photos and story. I wish all butterflies were this cooperative! Click to visit Julia Butterflies 'Birds and the Bees' page 2.
Mating Julia Butterflies
Flying Mating Julia Butterflies
Flying Mating Julia Butterflies
Mating Julia Butterflies
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