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I have this fuzzy white-flowered Hempweed vine in my yard, but it's in a windy spot and I've never seen anything nectar on it. There's another spot that I visit frequently to see butterflies, but I'd never seen the Hempweed in bloom there until this November.

WOW! The butterflies were ALL OVER it! I'll be planting Hempweed in other spots in my yard, because there aren't too many nectar sources in bloom right now (late fall, early winter) for my butterflies, and they sure love this one! I just need to plant some where it's a bit more out of the wind.

This purple flower (below) is Porterweed. The Julia was sipping nectar from it, but took off just as I snapped the photo. I liked it anyway, so here it is:

Julia Butterfly Nectaring on Hempweed
Julia Butterfly Nectaring on Porterweed Flower
Julia Butterfly Nectaring on Hempweed
This pink flower the male Julia Butterfly is drinking from is Penta:
Julia Butterfly Nectaring on Pink Penta Flowers
This male Julia butterfly is resting in the sun on a Brazilian Pepper Tree leaf.
Julia Butterfly Sunning on Brazilian Peppertree Leaf
...and this one (left) is sipping from that tiny red Emilia fosbergii flower.
Julia Butterfly Nectaring On Emilia Flower
Julia Butterfly Nectaring on Hempweed
It isn't my best picture, but part of what I'm trying to do with my site is to document butterfly nectar flowers so we can keep and/or plant the flowers that attract the butterflies we like the best.
Julia Butterfly Life Cycle

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