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Male Julia Butterflies Nectaring On Snakeroot
Patty took this picture of two male Julia Dryas  Butterflies having a sip of nectar on a hot afternoon at Winston Gardens Park.

In this photo two male Julia Dyras Butterflies are nectaring on Snakeroot flowers.

Female Julia Butterfly Nectars on Spanish Needles Flower
Above, a female Julia Butterfly nectars on Spanish Needles.
Julia Butterflies lay their eggs on Passion Vines. So far the only one I've seen them use, or found their caterpillars on, is our Florida native Corky Stem Passion Vine, Passiflora Suberosa.

As you can see in these (sorry, slightly fuzzy... still chasing the butterflies and hope to replace those with better pictures someday) photos of Julia Butterflies laying eggs, they don't care where on the vine they lay them like the other passion vine butterflies in South Florida do.

Female Julia Dryas Butterfly Lays Egg On Passiflora Suberosa
Here's a very young Julia caterpillar:
...and here is a mature Julia caterpillar:
Female Julia Dryas Butterfly Lays Egg On Passiflora Suberosa
Julia Dryas Caterpillar
Once the caterpillars get big enough, they hang upside-down and make this chrysalis:
The female Julia Butterfly is a softer more brown orange than the male, and she has more dark marks on top of her wings:
The male Julia butterfly is a brighter orange, and has smaller and fewer dark markings on the top of his wings.
As butterflies age, they lose scales. See how faded and worn the upper female appears compared to the younger female below:
Julia Dryas Butterfly Caterpillar
Julia Butterfly Chrysalis
Julia Dryas Butterfly Chrysalis
Darned shadows! You try to get a decent picture, and the flower sways from the butterfly landing on it, or the wind blowing, or the creature flies away mid click, and the one time you get it right, the shadows are goofy!

Julia Butterflies are somewhat frustrating to photograph. They just don't sit still like the Zebra Heliconian Butterflies do.

....and then, all of a sudden, it works and you make the shot!
Julia Butterflies finally decided that my yard is a good place to live, and instead of finding one or two a year, I'm up to spotting them every day. Perhaps I had to wait for my vines to mature enough for them? I'm not sure, since the Zebra Heliconian and Gulf Fritillary butterflies have used the same vines for years.
Julia Dryas Caterpillar
Julia Caterpillar
Julia Butterfly
Male Julia Butterfly
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Female Julia Butterfly
Female Julia Butterfly Nectars on Spanish Needles Flower
Female Julia Butterfly nectars on Red Penta Flowers
Female Julia Butterfly Nectars on Spanish Needles Flower
Female Julia Butterfly Nectars on Spanish Needles Flower
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