Great Southern White Butterfly Ascia monuste
I was delighted to find these on my butterfly bush! I have some mustard seedlings with little green caterpillars, and I think theses are from those. The eggs were laid in groups of about 7, but hatched before I got a clear picture of them. They were yellowish and pointy, similar to the Sulphur Butterfly eggs.

Well, I wrote that a very long time ago when I first started this site. Since then we've had hurricanes and drought. My butterfly bush that this Great Southern White Butterfly was nectaring on has long since passed away.

The mustard seedlings got eaten down to nothing, and I have no idea what happened to the caterpillars.

I'm still looking for another one of these butterflies to get better pictures of. If they ever lift the water restrictions, I'll plant more mustard to attract them.

Tim Adams emailed me to let me know which white butterfly this was; Thanks Tim! He says it's a female Great Southern White Butterfly.

This Great Southern White Butterfly sipping the red Salvia was fluttering around the entrance to Green Cay. It sure didn't pause for very long! I'll keep trying for better pictures of these bugs, but they are FAST!
Female Great Southern White Butterfly
Female Great Southern White Butterfly
Female Great Southern White Butterfly
Great Southern White Butterfly
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