Barred Yellow Butterflies Eurema daira
This little butterfly is a male Barred Yellow. You can see the upper surface of his wing pattern through his wings because the sunlight is shining from behind him.

He's sipping nectar from Richardia grandiflora, a very common lawn weed here in Southeast Florida.

When you're spraying for weeds, keep in mind that nearly every little tiny flowering weed in that lawn is a food source for some adorable little critter like this one.

If we pave, mow and spray everything, little creatures like these lose their habitat. They need little flowers to sip nectar from.

A small Barred Yellow Butterfly, Eurema daira, sips nectar from a small pink Richardia grandiflora flower
A little Barred Yellow Butterfly, Eurema daira, peeks at me from behind its perch on a Schefflera leaf. It is missing one lower wing so you can see the black stripe on top of its wing.
You can see the dark stripe on this Barred Yellow's top wing because the wing that would normally hide it from view is missing. Even without one of his wings, this butterfly was still able to fly away from me.
When all four of the butterfly's wings are present they hide the black stripes when the wings are closed. The butterfly on the right is sipping nectar from a Spanish Needles flower. Do you see its proboscis in the yellow flower?
It is much easier to see the patterns on the upper wing surfaces when these tiny butterflies open their wings, but they don't tend to perch that way. When they flutter, they are too fast for me to get a clear open winged picture.
Barred Yellow Butterfly, Eurema daira, missing one wing in a beautiful reflection photo
This Barred Yellow butterfly is sipping nectar from a Sida acuta, or Broomweed flower.
Barred Yellow Butterfly, Eurema daira, feeding on a Spanish Needles flower
Barred Yellow Butterfly, Eurema daira, caught in a momentary open-winged flutter displaying the black bar on its wing
Barred Yellow Butterfly, Eurema daira, perched briefly on my thumb
Barred Yellow Butterfly, Eurema daira, wings a'flutter so we can peek at the dark bar decorating its upper wing
Barred Yellow Butterfly, Eurema daira
Barred Yellow Butterfly, Eurema daira, drinking from a yellow Sida acuta flower
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