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These female Atala Butterflies are laying eggs on Coontie, their host plant.

You can see more Atala Life Cycle pictures by clicking here.

Aaah, there it's getting a refreshing sip from the Bloodberry Bush flower:
Atala Larvae (caterpillar):
Atala Butterflies nectar on palm flowers (above, left, and below). In the photo above, you can see the Atalas' proboscis in the flower.

I liked the green bee in the photo above. I've seen them around, but they're usually buzzing by too fast to get a good picture. This one paused for a snack on the palm flowers too.

When you have nectar plants, like this palm tree, you will see your butterflies sip nectar from them, but you'll have other visitors like the green bee as well.

atala butterfly and green bee nectar on palm tree flowers
Atala larvae
Atala's lay eggs on Coontie
Atala about to nectar on Bloodberry:
Atala nectaring on Fiddlewood:
My apologies for the quality of this next photograph, but there they were doing you know what and the only thing I had on me was a crummy old cell phone camera.
atala butterflies nectar on palm tree flowers
atala butterflies nectar on palm tree flowers
Atala Butterfly seeks nectar
Atala Butterfly nectars on fiddlewood
Atala Butterfly nectars on Bloodberry Bush
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Atala Butterflies Mate
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