Red Admiral Butterfly Vanessa atalanta
I've had several chances to photograph a Red Admiral Butterfly, but they just do NOT want their picture taken! They fly high and fast.  I've walked, run, and even gotten the ladder out and chased one up a tree with my camera, only to get fuzzy distant pictures.

Update, and new Red Admiral Butterfly pictures on the page:

I finally got decent photos when this Red Admiral Butterfly stopped to nectar on a Bloodberry Bush.

Red Admiral Butterfly
Red Admiral Butterfly, Vanessa atalanta
I have a very tiny Bloodberry Bush in a pot, and I'll be putting it in my yard soon.  You can see what else uses Bloodberry as a nectar plant on my nectar plants page on Bloodberry. Enjoy the photos. I'm still looking for eggs, a caterpillar, or a chrysalis to photograph and will update this page if I find those or get better pictures of another Red Admiral Butterfly.
You can see the proboscis of the Red Admiral Butterfly extending into the Bloodberry flower in the photo below.
Red Admiral Butterfly, Vanessa atalanta
Red Admiral Butterfly nectars on bloodberry
These photos of a Red Admiral Butterfly were all taken in Palm Beach or Broward County in South Florida. I'm still looking for a caterpillar to photograph and post, so check back later to see if I found one.

No caterpillars yet, but this elderly Red Admiral landed right in front of me this week. I'm SO glad I had my camera with me! I got a couple of nice photos, and then it flew off so fast I lost track of it. These butterflies tend to do that...

Red Admiral Butterfly nectars on bloodberry
This view really illustrates why I call this Red Admiral Butterfly elderly; scales are missing and the right wing is torn and tattered.

I was fortunate enough to observe a Red Admiral laying an egg this past weekend. The egg is the green ball in the middle of this Pellitory leaf:

Red Admiral Butterfly, Vanessa atalanta
I'll work on better photos of the egg, and of course I'll update with caterpillar and chrysalis photos as I get them.


Well... I found the hatched egg, but I never figured out where the caterpillar went, so I'll keep my eyes open for another egg and try again. (Darn!)

Red Admiral Butterfly Egg On Pellitory
Red Admiral Butterfly, Vanessa atalanta
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