White Leafhopper  
White Leafhopper

At first glance, this tiny white bug looks like part of the plant.  Then, if you watch long enough, or disturb it, it moves.

I believe these are leafhoppers.  When they land on you, and then depart, they hop off with quite a bit of force on takeoff, springing away with more push than I thought possible from such a little bug.

It's difficult to get a photo of a creature so small, and so white, with a pocket camera, and I just can't haul the 'real' camera everywhere I go, darn it!

Anyone know a good affordable (read inexpensive) macro pocket camera? I took LOTS of pictures to get this one, and it still could have been so very much better.  I have a steady hand, and am really tired of fighting the camera to get close shots of small lifeforms. My little subjects leave when I 'bug' them too much. Fortunately, there were a lot of these little white leafhoppers on the Firebush to experiment on.

White Leafhopper
White Leafhopper
They're fun little bugs to chase.  As you move toward them, they move around the branch to get away from you.  Just when you think you've got them, poof - in a hop and a flash they're elsewhere.  They're so fast on takeoff that they might fool you into believing they've figured out how to teleport.

It's mid June that I've found these little leafhoppers.  They're white, and just a touch peachy here and there.  I've never noticed them before, and I've spent a lot of time looking at Firebush over the past few years.

White Leafhopper
White Leafhopper
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