Potter Wasps  
Potter Wasp Pot
What is that little mud spot growing on the wall outside? If you're asking that question, you might have a Potter Wasp. They build a little mud pot like this one to protect their offspring.
Potter Wasp Egg, Yellow egg hung by a silk thread
Potter Wasp pot broken open to expose the long yellow egg hanging from the mud wasp nursery wall.
My Potter Wasp made this pot and laid one long oval shaped yellow egg inside of it.
The egg was attached to the side of the mud pot by a single silk strand.
Before she sealed the mud pot up, the Potter Wasp caught four green looper caterpillars, disabled them, and left them in the pot to feed the wasp larva when it hatched. They could wiggle and twitch, but not crawl. It was a bit like something out of a horror story.
After she laid her egg and stuffed the pot full of food for her young, the potter wasp used the flared edge around the pot opening to seal up the hole leaving her caterpillar prey entombed alive, unable to even attempt escape. I guess that keeps them fresh until the egg hatches and the wasp larva eats them.
Potter Wasp Pot broken open showing four lime green looper caterpillars that the mother wasp disabled and entombed alive to feed her young
A closer look at the lime green looper caterpillar that was in the Potter Wasp Pot
Potter Wasp Pot sealed at the top entombing the live caterpillars
Potter Wasp Sealing Her Pot
This last wasp is perched on Australian Pine tree needles. I can't say for sure, but to me it looks like a Potter Wasp.

Since I have butterfly plants in my yard, and wasps eat caterpillars, I get a lot of wasps.

Potter Wasp
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