Larra Wasp  
I was sitting outside watching a White Peacock butterfly l'd seen sipping nectar from one of these white ball-like wildflower weeds, and waiting for it to land on another while I had my camera ready, when this odd black and red bug showed up for a sip of nectar too. Since I was practicing with my new camera, I took pictures of it as well. Now I'm glad I did (even though they're fuzzy... sorry, I'll keep an eye out for another one to photograph) because I just found out that it's a Larra Wasp, and that Larra Wasps are very very bad news for mole crickets, which all of us know are bad news for our lawns.
Larra Wasp
Larra Wasp
Larra Wasp
Larra Wasp
I was looking up Spermacoce verticillata to see if this plant was really that when I found my previously unidentified (by me) wasp on this UF/IFAS Okeechobee County Extension Service article. Thank you Dan! Now I like this plant even more!
For the time being, this is all I have on this bug, but you can read the rest of my story about them on my Spermacoce verticillata page (that's the white wildflower the Larra Wasps in these photos are on.)
Larra Wasp
Larra Wasp
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