The Evil M. Undatus Weevil Myllocerus undatus Marshall
I'm not terribly fond of beetles or weevils. They are frequent unwelcome dinner guests on the plants I intended for my butterflies. This particular white bug is all over the place in my yard munching holes in my plants. The leaves on my trees look like Swiss cheese.
It has a look-alike bug that's lived in Florida longer. The native bug, A. floridanus, has smaller rounder eyes than M. undatus. It also looks more like a used pincushion, and has smaller frosted black blotches. Below, hiding in the leaves, is one picture of A. floridanus, I think.
M. undatus weevil, little white bug on a finger
M. Undatus Weevil, white bug that chewes holes in leaves
A. floridanus Weevil

I've had good luck getting rid of many of these weevils with my homemade bug trap: open up a ziplock baggie, hold it open under the plant where the weevil is, and tap the plant. They drop to the ground when disturbed, and if you practice, you can get them to drop right into the bag. I give the bag a shake to get them in the bottom, and squeeze it shut above them so they can't get out while I'm catching more.  When I'm too disgusted to continue (it is a rather creepy chore!) I pour some rubbing alcohol into the baggie, zip it shut, and set it aside until they're dead, at which point I throw them away. I'll have to review my emails; I recall that someone told me to put an old sheet under the plant and shake the whole thing. You'd have to pick it up rather quickly.... (2011 update - I still have LOTS of these bugs!)
Jeff Rolfe, thanks for identifying these pesky creatures for me.
mating M. Undatus Weevil
mating M. undatus weevils
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