Tachinid Flies or Parasitic Wasps?  
I was taking a photo of this Gulf Fritillary Butterfly caterpillar in J form when I noticed two gnat like bugs on it.
parasitic wasps on gulf fritillary butterfly caterpillar
parasitic wasps on gulf fritillary butterfly caterpillar
parasitic wasps on gulf fritillary butterfly caterpillar
I stuck it in a cup, and the flies stayed right there on the caterpillar, although they moved around a bit. I was in a hurry to leave, so I just put it aside and ignored it for a while. I figured in a couple of weeks I'd either have a butterfly to release, or a cup of flies. I got the cup of flies. Later I figured out that they were wasps.
parasitic wasps emerged from gulf fritillary butterfly chrysalis
You can see a lot of them got stuck to the tape. I finally opened up the cup to photograph them and counted 81, but I could have missed a few in the folds of the tape.
Here are some close-ups of the tiny wasps. They're a bit dried out. I  waited for them to expire before I opened the cup.
parasitic wasps
parasitic wasps
I snapped the pictures, hoped there was at least one good photo, and came to the pc to make this page. Now that I'm sitting here looking at the close-up images, I think these are wasps, not flies.  Whatever they are, they ate my caterpillar!

I did catch one bug that I know is a parasitic wasp.  See it here.

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