Stinkbugs that are Brown Euschistus
These little brown stinkbugs, and I use the term loosely, lurk in the vegetation near my Salvia flowers.  There are "Brown Stinkbugs," and stinkbugs that are the color brown. Mine fall into the latter category.
I think it's a male Euschistus quadrator stinkbug
male Euschistus quadrator stinkbug feeding on Phyla Nodiflora
This little stinkbug has its proboscis in a tiny Phyla Nodiflora flower that was blooming in my lawn. My butterflies enjoy those flowers too.
Euschistus quadrator stinkbug playing peek-a-boo
Stinkbugs aren't fond of posing for me. They tend to slip around the stem or duck beneath a leaf when I approach them. The bug on the flower must haven been mighty hungry.  Notice that it is green underneath.  Some of my stinkbugs are green below, and some are yellow. I thought they were different species until I found this stinkbug pair on Salvia.
female Euschistus quadrator stinkbug
Mating pair of Euschistus quadrator stinkbugs on Salvia
Look under the yellow bug on the right. See its proboscis folded up underneath? That's what it uses to slurp food from the plants. I understand why farmers hate stinkbugs; they wreck crops and we end up paying more for our food at the store because they do. That said, I'm still not going to go squash my bugs; they also help control weeds. Did you ever get a bunch of little flat burrs on your socks or pants? This stinkbug is damaging those Desmodium seed burrs.
The bright side of the bug; stinkbug damages weeds - its proboscis is deep in a Desmodium burr seed
stinkbug damaging a weed seed
Stinkbugs are also fond of Firebush, but instead of going into the flower like the bees do, they go right through it. I guess it's the only way their proboscis will reach the yummy stuff.
Honeybee in a Firebush flower
stinkbug seeking foood within a red Firebush flower
Take a closer look at this stinkbug on the red Firebush flower. That is not a reflection.
Two stinkbugs feasting on Firebush
stinkbug slurping from a flower going to fruit
The yellow belly side of a female Euschistus quadrator stinkbug showing how it tucks its proboscus underneath of itself
The yellow belly side of a female Euschistus quadrator stinkbug
Euschistus quadrator stinkbug with its proboscis in a seedpod
Euschistus quadrator stinkbug, close-up view
Pointy shield of a green bellied male Euschistus quadrator stinkbug
Of course, big bugs, not that you can call these big, make little bugs. Little stinkbugs are tricky - each nymph stage, or instar, looks different. I tend to photograph live bugs in their habitat, or in the case of a few of these bugs, I pick up a bit of their habitat and then put it back. When I find a stinkbug nymph I cannot always say with certainty which kind of stinkbug it is. Some of them, like the Florida stinkbug, I'm learning to recognize. I'm still figuring out my other stinkbugs, but here's my best guess for little stinkbugs that are brown. I think that these bugs are Euschistus quadrator stinkbugs.
Yes, the brown bug is out of focus. No, there isn't something on my glasses. Look PAST the stinkbug at what its foot is resting on.
Euschistus quadrator stinkbug stepping on a stinkbug nymph on a Salvia plant
I've seen enough bugs on enough plants to know that proximity is no guarantee of relationship, but mating bugs and a nymph on the same plant seems to weigh the balance in favor of the possibility. The green bug that the brown bug was stepping on looks like a flying saucer bug!
Euschistus quadrator stinkbug nymph
Euschistus quadrator stinkbug, green nymph with its proboscis in Salvia
Round, flat green bug with yellow edges, Euschistus quadrator stinkbug nymph
I left a bit of my thumbnail and fingertips in this stinkbug nymph picture so you can see how tiny the green bug is. It is standing on Salvia.
This nymph is even smaller. Look at the ridges of my fingerprint beneath it! I tried to get it to stand very still on my fingertip, but it kept running so I put it back on the Salvia plant.
Euschistus quadrator stinkbug nymph
Euschistus quadrator stinkbug nymph
Close up view of a Euschistus quadrator stinkbug nymph
Euschistus quadrator stinkbug
Euschistus quadrator stinkbug
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