Black Stinkbug, Proxys punctulatus  
This odd black bug with white spots, and others like it, show up in my yard from time to time. They're probably always around, and I notice them once in a while. They're little, as bugs tend to be, and usually fly away while I'm trying to take their picture.
Black Stinkbug, Proxys punctulatus Creative Commons License
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I'd be more tempted if there were a link back option. Send me your thoughts on the matter if you have an opinion.
Black Stinkbug, Proxys punctulatus
I've been contemplating the concept of creative commons instead of all rights reserved for some of my images, so I thought I'd try it on one. I can't imagine going back and putting that on all of the pictures I've put up over the past years, and I'm not sure I want to.
Black Stinkbug, Proxys punctulatus
I've chased this sort of stinkbug a number of times now, but until recently I only had a collection of slightly fuzzy images. Then, finally, one of the white dotted black bugs stood still for me - yeah! I've seen them enjoy flowers, like this bug on the white ball flower on the left, but I'm not convinced that that proboscis won't try to nibble me, so I'm not inclined to play with one of these critters.
Black Stinkbug, Proxys punctulatus
They are interesting bugs. The contrasting black against their creamy white legs makes me wonder how in the heck they hide from creatures that eat them; they don't exactly blend into the foliage, do they? I've found quite a few stinkbug nymphs, but I'm still not sure which are which. Hopefully one day I'll find out and be able to post some baby pictures, but for the time being, here's the adult stinkbug.
Black Stinkbug, Proxys punctulatus
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