Misumena Spider Spider Food Ichneumon Wasp
Ichneumon Wasp, Genus Anomalon?
This little wasp, and others like it, are hanging out on my Cassia leaves. They're very small, and very skittish, but I've snuck up on a few. So did this flower spider.
There's the Misumena spider eating the Ichneumon wasp next to my thumb so you can see how very small they both are. I suspect that the wasps are lurking on the Cassia because it has Orange-Barred Sulphur caterpillars.
Misumena flower crab spider eats a male Ichneumon Wasp
The little Ichneumon wasp ducked under the Cassia leaves while I was trying to take pictures of it.
Misumena flower crab spider eats a male Ichneumon Wasp
The female wasps, like the one above, are easy to distinguish when you look at the ovipositor on their rear end. Hers is in front of the edge of the leaf, so it's a bit hard to see. Here's another view of a female:
female Ichneumon Wasp, Genus Anomalon?
Ichneumon Wasp, Genus Anomalon?
The females to the left and right look a bit more menacing than the male below, don't they?
female Ichneumon Wasp, Genus Anomalon?
female Ichneumon Wasp, Genus Anomalon?
male Ichneumon Wasp, Genus Anomalon?
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