Something fuzzy and white was all over my plant, and it MOVED!
Sound familiar?
scale bugs
If you're asking what those white bugs on your plants are, you might have scale. It comes in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes. This one even has some small bright orange spots on it.
fuzzy white scale
scale insects on a Wild Lime leaf
Scale isn't so bad when it first begins, but when your plants begin to look like they're covered in mold and they're crusted over in scale in its various life stages, I understand the urge to spray it.
Those green lumps are also scale. Think about how a butterfly was a caterpillar first. Scale has different life stages too. The brown circles beside the Atala Butterfly on the Coontie leaf are hemispherical scale. If you find white circles in a cluster beneath a leaf on your Coontie, it's likely to be butterfly eggs.
scale on a young Hercules Club Tree
scale and an ant on a hibiscus bush
Whtie scale crawling by yellow aphids on Milkweed
Atala Butterfly perched by round, brown hemispherical scale on a Coontie leaf
If the yuckey white mess you find looks more like this, you have scale or mealybugs. Here is a Ceraunus Blue Butterfly perched on Phyla Nodiflora  with one leg on a mealybug.
scale on a Coontie leaf
Ceraunus Blue Butterfly standing on a Phyla Nodiflora flower and a mealybug
If scale has a bright side, it's Ladybugs. They're cute little beetles that eat scale.
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