Praying Mantis  
I don't usually start with a fuzzy photo, but this happened so fast I was lucky to get it at all and I just love it, so I'll use my creative license here and tweak my own rules.
Praying Mantis inspires the curiosity of an inquisitive young mind
I generally find a bug or other creature in its habitat and try to photograph it without disturbing it. This praying mantis was, as you can see, pointed out to me, and rapidly departing the vicinity of the pointer.
Praying Mantis on a wall
Since the mantis was in danger of departing, I scooped it up for a better look:
Praying Mantis
Praying Mantis
Of course, I had to share. Kyle got a close up view of the bug he scared, and even got to touch it briefly. I didn't want him to squash it, so I snapped a few fast pictures and let the praying mantis go in a nearby tree.
Praying Mantis
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