Mysterious Golden Egg  
Leaffooted Bug egg, Chondrocera laticornis
Every so often I find one of these mysterious golden eggs on a leaf in my yard. I've found them on a variety of plants, so I could not ID the egg based on it being a bug that eats any specific sort of plant. It's been a head scratcher that's bugged me for years now, and I'd long since given up on trying to figure it out. Then - out of the blue - the answer happened right in front of me!
Leaffooted Bug laying an egg, Chondrocera laticornis
I caught this Leaffooted bug laying the egg! It was a pale creamy color with just the faintest hint of gold. The Leaffooted bug egg seemed to glisten more while I took pictures.
Leaffooted Bug egg, Chondrocera laticornis
It was getting late, and the setting sun was dim behind the clouds, so I had to use the flash.
Leaffooted Bug, Chondrocera laticornis, laying an egg
Not quite an hour later the egg looked like this:
Leaffooted Bug egg, Chondrocera laticornis
Here are some of the no longer mysterious, but still golden, eggs that I've found in the past.
Leaffooted Bug eggs, Chondrocera laticornis, one pale and new, one dark golden and older
These bug eggs are such an odd shape, sort of like a squashed oval that's pinched on top.
Leaffooted Bug egg, Chondrocera laticornis
Golden Egg of a Leaffooted Bug, Chondrocera laticornis
I have another page about Leaffooted bugs that has lots of photographs of both adults and nymphs of these Leaf-footed Bugs, Chondrocera laticornis.
Golden Chondrocera laticornis egg
Leaffooted Bug egg, Chondrocera laticornis
Mysterious Golden Egg
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