Mole Cricket  
Mole Crickets eat your lawn & they're BIG - a couple of inches long.
I'd pressure cleaned my side patio, made of big pavers, and went out after dark, barefooted, on the nice clean patio, to do one more thing.  Something WIGGLED under the middle of my foot.  One of these huge nightmare bugs was between the pavers and very upset that I was stepping on it. Oddly enough the neighbors did not seem to hear my screams.

I've since learned that if you leave a little white ball flowered weed in your yard, Larra Wasps might come kill your mole crickets for you.

If you're not as fond of weeds as I am, so you decline the flower suggestion, be grateful if you have lizards. This Brown Anole is eating a mole cricket.

mole cricket
mole cricket
brown anole lizard eats a mole cricket
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