Milkweed Bugs Oncopeltus fasciatus
Milkweed Bugs, Oncopeltus fasciatus, mating
As their name implies, Milkweed Bugs tend to lurk near Milkweed Plants. They lay their eggs in the seedpods, so put them in a sealed container if you bring a pod in for seeds or you might find that you've brought in unexpected buggy guests.
Milkweed Bug on my finger:
Milkweed Bug, Oncopeltus fasciatus. The orange and black bug is hiding under a Giant Milkweed leaf.
These black and orange bugs are harmless to people as far as I know. I find them a bit creepy to hold, but managed to get this one to stay put long enough for a picture so you can see how big they are. It crawled all over my hand trying to get away. They are easier to photograph when they're busy with each other.
Milkweed Bug, Oncopeltus fasciatus, crawling on my finger
Milkweed Bugs are a great clue to help you identify an unfamiliar Milkweed plant. I grew Asclepias curassavica in my yard and was unaware the Milkweed comes in purple and white too.
Mating Milkweed Bugs, Oncopeltus fasciatus
The nymphs, or young Milkweed Bugs, look a little bit different. They don't have their black and orange wings yet. You'll probably find them hanging out together in little groups on the plant.
Two Milkweed Bugs feeding on a purple Giant Milkweed flower
This Milkweed Bug without the black pattern on its wings has recently molted from its last stage as a nymph and is a full grown bug. You can see its shed, um, what do you call the covering a bug leaves behind when it molts? That's behind the bug.
Milkweed Bugs, the under side of the bugs
Milkweed Bug nymphs clustered together on a Milkweed seedpod
Milkweed Bugs, Oncopeltus fasciatus, numerous nymphs
Milkweed Bug Nymphs, Oncopeltus fasciatus, three different instars
Milkweed Bug and early instar nymph
Milkweed Bug, Oncopeltus fasciatus, close up of nymph
Milkweed Bug face
Black, orange and yellow Milkweed Bug with its wings spread, Oncopeltus fasciatus
Newly emerged Milkweed Bug, Oncopeltus fasciatus
Cluster of Black and yellowish-orange Large Milkweed Bugs, Oncopeltus fasciatus
Yellow and orange Asclepias curassavica Milkweed Flower
Milkweed Bug, Oncopeltus fasciatus
Milkweed Bug, Oncopeltus fasciatus
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