Leptoglossus phyllopus Leaffooted bugs
Leaffooted Bug, Chondrocera laticornis
Most of the Leaffooted bugs I find are the reddish brown Chondrocera laticornis Leaffooted bugs with curvy antenna and no white markings, but  once in a while I find a dark brown with a white stripe across the middle Leptoglossus phyllopus Leaffooted bug like this one perched on pepper vine.
Leaffooted bug, Leptoglossus phyllopus, standing on Pepper Vine in Palm Beach County, FL in 2011
Here's another on a Pond Apple tree.
Leaffooted Bug, Leptoglossus phyllopus
Big brown bug with a white stripe across the middle and fans on its legs, Leaffooted Bug, Leptoglossus phyllopus
Leaffooted bugs fly, and they tend to do so when I get near them. These bugs haven't done much of interest in my view.
Leaffooted Bug, Leptoglossus phyllopus, big dark bug with a white stripe
Leaffooted Bug, Leptoglossus phyllopus, with its proboscis folded up beneath it
I found another Leaffooted bug that has white zig-zags like Leptoglossus zonatus, but a single splotch where that bug has two dots. It was on a Fiddlewood bush. At the time I was chasing butterflies, so I didn't pay much attention to the other bugs. Now I wish I had, because in my pictures I see one bug with the white zig-zag, and another without it, but I never got very clear pictures of the one without. Oh well, here it is in the foreground, a bit fuzzy because I focused on the striped Leaffooted bug behind it.
Leaffooted Bug with a zig-zagged white stripe paused on a Fiddlewood leaf
Leaffooted Bug with a zig-zagged white stripe on a Fiddlewood leaf in Broward County, FL in 2007
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