Lady Bugs  
The little bug on my finger is a Lady Bug larvae. It eats aphids.
Lady Bug Larvae on my fingertip
As you can see, so do adult ladybug beetles. See that yummy bite of yellow aphid in the red ladybug's mouth?
Ladybugs lay groups of small pointy eggs. I found this cluster of ladybug eggs under my Milkweed leaf.
Red Lady Bug Beetle with a white pronotum
Ladybug Beetle Eating An Aphid
Ladybug eggs and larva under a milkweed leaf
Elsewhere on the plant, these ladybug hatchlings didn't seem to fare as well. I'm not sure if they got eaten or if they shed their skins. I'm not sure I want to know.
This yellowish orange ladybug with a white face and black dots and splotches is an Asian lady beetle, Harmonia axyridis.
Ladybug larva and egg cases
Black and red spotted ladybug Beetle
Red and black spotted ladybug Beetle
Your ladybugs, or lady beetles, might not look like mine. There are lots of different species of small beetle that people refer to as ladybugs.
I find the most ladybugs on plants infested with aphids or scale. It makes sense. The mother ladybug will want lay her eggs where the food for her offspring is plentiful. My Milkweed plants seem to get aphids every year, but then butterfly caterpillars eat the plant while ladybugs eat the aphids, and eventually the aphids aren't a problem any longer.
Asian lady beetle, Harmonia axyridis
I believe this black ladybug with red cheeks is a Curinus coeruleus.
These two little ladybugs were on Coontie that had a scale problem.
I wasn't aware that beetles had tongues, so after I took this picture, I looked it up. I've learned a new word: Hypopharynx.
After the ladybug larva are grown up and all full of yummy bugs, they attach to a surface and turn into a ladybug. Here's what they look like while they change.
These two casings on the Coontie plant seem to be empty dressing rooms that the ladybugs have already vacated. Here's an occupied one:
Red ladybug
Ladybug Beetle on a Coontie leaf
Lady Bug Beetle
Two ladybug beetles and mealybugs on Coontie
Remember the yellowish orange lady beetle? Here is what its pupa looks like.
This red ladybug is walking on Twine Vine, Whitevine Milkweed. See all of the yummy aphids over by the leaf? Further down the vine, where this bud was getting ready to bloom into a waxy looking white flower, this ladybug larva hunted its aphid prey.
Black Lady Bug Beetle, Curinus coeruleus, in the palm of my hand
Two ladybugs
Lady Bug Beetle licking a leaf with it's hypopharynx, or tongue
Lady bug beetle pupa cases
Lady bug beetle pupa case and hemispherical scale
Asian lady beetle, Harmonia axyridis pupa
Lady Bug Beetle
Asian lady beetle, Harmonia axyridis pupa
red lady bug beetle and yellow aphids on whitevine milkweed
ladybug larva on a whitevine flower bud
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