Yes, it's a photo of a dragonfly. Look under the twig it's on. The white stalk with the oval at the end is a lacewing egg.
I chased this little puffball on my fingertip but it refused to hold still for pictures. It is a lacewing larva. I set it free on a wall (where it zigged and zagged to avoid me) and managed to get this photo of it on the run:
lacewing egg beside a dragonfly
lacewing larva on the tip of my finger
Here are a few more pictures of these clutter collecting bugs. I believe that they stick little bits of whatever on their back to help them hide from larger creatures who might otherwise think of them as a tasty snack.
This lacewing larva was crawling around on the underside of a milkweed leaf. The milkweed had of juicy aphids for the lacewing larva to nibble on.
lacewing larva
lacewing larva under a milkweed leaf
...and this one was walking around on a wild lime tree sapling.
close up photograph of a lacewing larva
This lacewing was hanging below a milkweed flower at night. Do you see something wrong in the picture, something unusual or odd? Take a closer look.
lacewing larva on a wild lime tree
Now do you see the spider? The predator becomes the prey. Both lacewings and spiders are good for your garden, but both will eat some of your butterflies.
Lacewing larvae eat aphids, which is great for your plants, but they also eat little caterpillars. I have lacewings and spiders in my yard, but I still have LOTS of butterflies. Remember that most butterfly eggs do not make it to full grown butterfly. These fascinating bugs are one of the many reasons why, but they each have their place in my garden nonetheless.
lacewing caught by a spider under a milkweed flower
Lacewing bug dangling in the spidery jaws of death beneath a milkweed flower
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