Hamburger Egg  
What's that? There's a corkystem passionflower vine growing in the firebush this leaf is growing on, and I've looked at a zillion times, ok, not that many, but a lot, and I've never seen something like that little white bump. Upon closer inspection it appeared similar to a very miniature hamburger.
I was too busy to raise a bug inside right then, so I left it where it was. Several days later I went out to check on it and realized that I should have tied a string nearby. There are a LOT of leaves on that firebush!  I never found that same egg on the top of the leaf; but I did find these under a nearby leaf:
bug egg that looks like a hamburger
close up photograph of an egg that looks like a hamburger
I generally like to call my bugs something, preferably their actual name as opposed to something cheesy like 'hamburger egg.' This time though, I wanted to share the story but I'm simply not sure of which bug this is. The eggs are gone and the buggies have long since crawled off to eat and pupate, so we'll have to wait until I find them again to find out.
Some of the eggs had clearly hatched.  Others were intact.  Two of the larva were crawling around on the same leaf as the egg cluster.
two larva on a firebush leaf next to their eggs
two larva on a firebush leaf
They're pretty neat up close. Look at all the little hairs they have:
close up photograph of two larva
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