Horse Fly  
Really big black horse-fly resting on a car tire
This is a really big bug; it's a horsefly. They bite. I've found other biting flies, or they've found me, but this is by far the biggest. And the creepiest! I should not be able to see a fly on a tire from across a parking lot!
A quarter and my finger on the tire where the horesfly flew from so you can see how big the fly was. I just couldn't bring myself to get close to this bug for you.
Here's a quarter where the fly was so you have a better idea of how HUGE this bug is.
I follow a lot of bugs and other creatures to take pictures of them, but these flies turn the tables and follow me. I'm more comfortable photographing wasps, because at least those bugs view me with fear; these flies view me as dinner.
Really big black horse fly resting on a car tire
Despite my discomfort, when I noticed this next horsefly I followed it to the Black Olive Tree that it landed on. It posed briefly, but when it flew I ran out of courage and ran inside.
Well, I only got one decent picture of this bug, so you'll have to wait for another to cross paths with me before I fill the rest of this page up.
Really big black horse fly resting on a Black Olive Tree
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