This pair of damselflies would have flown away when I approached, but the tip of her wing was stuck on a desmodium seed pod.  They're quite sticky, like velcro, as anyone who's pulled them off their socks or pants can tell you.  I took it upon myself to set them free:
Of course, I couldn't pass up such an awesome opportunity to snap a few pictures first!
Damselflies mating on Desmodium
mating damselfly with its wing stuck on a desmodium seed pod
Mating pair of damselflies
Now that I've spent some time chasing damselflies around, I realize that they're easiest to photograph when they're joined.  Here is another pair of green and blue damselflies I found and a few closer looks at them:
Now here's a fun picture.  The damselfly looks like some kind of gravity defying acrobat doing a horizontal handstand.  Now look in its mouth.  That's a wing.  It's eating another little bug.
Mating pair of damselflies
damselfly closeup
damselfly closeup
dangling damselfly
damselfly eating a bug
damselfly eating a bug
damselfly eating a bug
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