Green Crickets  
Green Cricket on my hand
This green bug's caught my attention recently. My first thought when I saw it was, "WOW, what a cool grasshopper!" Then I noticed the antennae were long and slender. I think it's a cricket.
Green Cricket on a Cassia leaf
Green Cricket on a Cassia leaf
Green Cricket
Now that I'm looking for these lime green bugs I see them more often - generally as they're hopping deep into the shrubbery. This tiny green cricket is sitting on a Cassia leaf. They do blend in well. I was photographing a flower spider when I noticed this colorful cricket on the Wild Poinsettia plant right beside my camera! Boy did I switch bugs fast.
Cool camouflage, isn't it? Even when I go out looking for these bugs they're hard to find. It helps that two of them seem to have favorite spots. I've found this one on the Poinsettia and another on Virginia Creeper several times now in the same location.
Green Cricket on Wild Poinsettia
Green Cricket on a Wild Poinsettia leaf
Green Cricket on a Virginia Creeper vine
Green Cricket on a Beautyberry leaf
That little cricket by my finger is on a Beautyberry leaf. This one to the right is on a Spanish Needles leaf. The cricket is missing a leg.
Green Cricket on a
Green Cricket on a Cassia leaf
This last green hopping bug is different. I only saw it the one time; it was perched on a Wild Coffee leaf. I'm guessing that it's some other sort of cricket.
Green Cricket on a  Wild Coffee leaf
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