Soldier Beetles Chauliognathus
Once in a while I notice these little orange and black beetles that remind me of the lightning bugs I used to catch when I was little.  I generally see them on flowers. This Chauliognathus soldier beetle is on a small purple flower, Winged loosestrife.
Chauliognathus Soldier Beetle on a pale purple Winged Loosestrife flower
Chauliognathus Soldier Beetle
Chauliognathus Soldier Beetle on a Firebush flower cluster
I almost didn't see the orange and black soldier beetle on the cluster of Firebush flowers; it really blended in. When I gently nudged it into better view, it stepped on my fingertip and stood there for a little while.
Chauliognathus Soldier Beetle on a White Crownbeard flower
The soldier beetle on the White Crownbeard flower didn't stick around as long.
One afternoon several of these Chauliognathus beetles were enjoying little white and yellow Fleabane flowers that grew along the waters edge:
Chauliognathus Soldier Beetle enjoying small yellow and white Fleabane flowers
Chauliognathus Soldier Beetle near a Snygamia florella moth, both on a Hempweed bloom
I was about to snap a picture of a soldier beetle visiting Hempweed, but I got distracted by the chance to get a shot of the underside of this little tiny Snygamia florella moth. By the time the moth took off, the beetle had flown the coop as well.
Male and Female Chauliognathus Soldier Beetles mating
Chauliognathus Soldier Beetle
Chauliognathus Soldier Beetle
Chauliognathus Soldier Beetles
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