Chariesterus antennator  
Euphorbia bug, Chariesterus antennator

I noticed this tiny greyish brown bug with black flared spots on its antennae while I was photographing stinkbugs in my garden. I'm not sure if they are new to my yard; I've spent a lot of time looking at my creatures and I never noticed them before. It's possible that I've overlooked their nymphs because they are so similar to leaf-footed bug nymphs. Here you can see a Chariesterus antennator nymph, the little green bug on the left, and a Chondrocera laticornis leaf-footed bug nymph on the right.

Little green bug with spikes and flat ovals on its antennae, Euphorbia bug nymph, Chariesterus antennator
Chondrocera laticornis leaf-footed bug nymph, little green and brown bug

They do look a lot alike, don't they? The Chariesterus antennator nymph is more spiky, and the antenna are quite different.

Euphorbia bugs, Chariesterus antennator bugs mating

I think I'll have more of these bugs to take pictures of soon, if I can find the tiny nymphs.

They're little, aren't they! Imagine those spikes on a bigger creature.

Euphorbia bugs, Chariesterus antennator bugs in my hand
Euphorbia bug, Chariesterus antennator
Euphorbia, Chariesterus antennatorbug, green bug nymph with wing buds and lots of little spikes
Euphorbia bug nymph, Chariesterus antennator
Wet Euphorbia bug, Chariesterus antennator

This seems to be the same bug, just soaked by the rain. It looks a lot darker when it's wet It was in the same place that I found the others, was the same size, and had the same flat spot at the end of each antenna.

The pale bellies of the beasts: Euphorbia bugs, Chariesterus antennator
Close-up view of a Euphorbia bug, Chariesterus antennator, perched on the tip of my thumb

These tiny insects are Chariesterus antennator bugs, and people call them Euphorbia bugs. I guess that's why I found them on my Wild Poinsettia.

Euphorbia bugs mating on Wild Poinsettia
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