Brown Stinkbugs  
Brown Stinkbugs eat plants. This one has it's proboscis in a desmodium seedpod. The next brown stinkbug is enjoying a firebush flower.
brown stinkbug with it's proboscis in a desmodium seedpod
The bug on my fingertip isn't too big, but this next one was huge.
brown stinkbug with it's proboscis in a firebush flower
I'm not even sure what this brown shield bug is. It looks very different from the brown stink bugs I'm used to seeing, and it was HUGE in comparison.

It has a lot of red spikes behind it's eyes instead of the point at each shoulder tip I'm used to seeing on my brown stink bugs.

Let's have a closer look:

brown stinkbug on my fingertip
Here's the whole bug, and it's a fun photograph. In the top left corner, hetween the bug's antenna, you can see the reflection of my finger on the corner of the camera.

I plucked the blade of grass I found the bug on, and set it on a windowsill for better pictures (rather shocked that it didn't fly off.) The bug surprised me by climbing right up the glass (the screen is on the other side of the window.)

big brown bug
I have a lot of fuzzy brown stink bug pictures. They usually fly away while I'm trying to photograph them. I'm quite glad this large one was cooperative. It seems the best time to catch the smaller ones is when they're eating. They don't seem to be able to yank their proboscis out of the plant very quickly.
close-up photograph of a big brown bug
brown stinkbug standing on wild poinsettia
Test your powers of observation: One photograph on this page has two brown stinkbugs in it. Did you find it as you scrolled through?
brown stinkbug feasts on firebush
brown stinkbug with green under-belly rests on a leaf
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