Bark Lice Psocids
I've noticed these little swarms of bugs on my trees a few times. They're fun to bother; when I get too close, they avoid me but they stay together in a group while they run. Sometimes I can poke right in the middle and they form a bug donut shape.
Tree Lice, Bark Lice, Adult Psocid bugs running from my finger on a Wild Tamarind tree
I think that these psocid bugs graze on the lichen that grows on the tree bark. They prefer the shadows; when I try to nudge the group to the sunny side of the tree for pictures they don't cooperate at all.
Bark Louse Adult Bug
Bark lice nymphs are striped:
The adult bark lice are dark with narrow yellow lines and a white spot at the back of each wing. When you peek at them from the side you can still see the stripes that the nymphs display.
Tree Lice, Bark Lice, Psocid bug striped nymphs
Adult Tree Lice, Bark Lice, Psocid bugs
The bark lice scampered over some interesting looking lichen while they were running away from me.
I've found these bark lice, also called barklice and Psocids, on my Black Olive and Wild Tamarind trees. I have more lichen on my Purple Jacaranda, but it's a smaller tree with little crown so it's probably too sunny for these tiny bugs.
Tree Lice, Bark Lice, Psocid bugs, nymphs on lichen
Tree Lice, Bark Lice, Psocid bugs, striped nymphs running from my finger
Tree Lice, Bark Lice, Psocid bugs, striped nymphs
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