Assassin Bugs  
This is an adult assassin bug. It flew away while I was photographing it, so I can absolutely say that this one flies. At least I got a decent picture before it took off.
I believe that this is an immature assassin bug. See how small the wings are still? It can't fly yet. They lurk about my flowers and host plants in great numbers.
I found this Assassin Bug eating a small bee. It did not like having me nearby; I chased it round and round the flower with my camera.
assassin bug
assassin bug eating a bee
This picture has a lot going on!

The elongated pointy white dot extending left from the leaf is a sulphur butterfly egg. The little gnat or fly looks suspiciously like the parasitic wasps that ate my Gulf Fritillary Butterfly (twice).

I'm not sure what creature the assassin bug is eating. If you know, email me.

assassin bug
This picture leads me to ask if anyone knows what this assassin bug is doing. It sure looks like it's having a sip of nectar from the Spanish Needles flower. I know they eat other bugs. Does it sip nectar too, or is it searching for a little bug in the flower to slurp on?
assassin bug spears prey
assassin bug
This last little picture is a Milkweed Bug. It's to an assassin bug at a glance.

Notice that the Milkweed Bug has a short beetle head, but the assassin bug has a very long slender head (that it tucks its proboscis up under.)

Milkweed Bug
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