Horrors of the Garden Ambushed Bee  
I was watching this green stinkbug when I noticed something else of interest going on behind it on the Firebush. Sometimes there's nothing to take a picture of; at other times, there is so much going on that it's difficult to decide which way to aim the camera. This time the feasting ambush bug and flies captured my attention. The ambushed bee is the dark fuzzy spot in the top right behind the green stinkbug that's peeking through the Firebush flowers; let's get a better look.
Big Green Stinkbug peeking out between two firebush flowers while in the background behind it an ambush bug consumes a bee
Ambush Bug eating a bee that is totally covered in biting flies
I've seen Ambush Bugs eat butterflies, but this is the first one I've seen eat a bee. It's also the first time I've seen this many other bugs join the feast. Wow this is gross!
Small biting flies, one clearly swollen with bee blood, all over a bee that's been killed on a Firebush flower by a lurking Ambush Bug
Fortunately, the bee seemed to be dead. Its tongue appeared fully extended toward the belly of the ambush bug. The little flies were busy slurping as much bee blood as they could get to past those fuzzy protective hairs. Many of their tiny bellies were swollen and full like a mosquito's after feasting on a human.
Long brown bee tongue extended toward an attacking ambush bug
Belly view of an Ambush Bug that's attacked and killed a bee - it's proboscis still penetrates the bee. A bunch of biting flies are also sharing the meal.
Close up view of a bee being sucked dry by an ambush bug and a bunch of biting flies
The biting flies actually stood on each other trying to gain access to optimum spots to bite the bee. EEEWWWW!
A tiny biting fly standing on another biting fly competing for position on a bee that's been killed by an ambush bug
While I watched, the misty drizzle became a solid rain and I had to scoot on inside.
Ambush bug still hanging onto a slurped out bee after it and a whole bunch of biting flies feasted on it
When I came back after the sky cleared, the bee looked shriveled like it had been sucked dry. Perhaps the common name for these tiny bugs should be vampire flies.
biting fly swollen with bee blood
tiny red eyed biting fly swollen with bee blood
biting fly swollen with bee blood
Ambush bug with its proboscis in a bee
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