Garden Predators Ambush Bugs  
Brown and white angular pointy Ambush Bug lurking beneath little white flowers on a, oh darn I forgot the name of this bush.
Yellow and brown angular pointy Ambush Bug
Ambush bugs are oddly shaped creatures, full of angles and points, that usually lurk beneath flowers. When other bugs visit a flower for nectar or pollen, boom, the ambush bug attacks.
Green Ambush Bug Nymph lurking in purple mistflower
Ambush bug nymph on a yellow lantana flower

The first ambush bug I noticed was this tiny nymph on the yellow Lantana flower. Here it's perched on my thumbnail.

Ambush bug nymph on my thumbnail
I found an even smaller ambush bug nymph, but it's so small that I couldn't photograph much detail.
Really little green bug - Ambush bug nymph
Teeny tiny green bug, Ambush Bug nymph on my fingertip

Once I started looking for ambush bugs, they weren't too hard to find. This ambush bug adult is lurking in the purple mistflower, waiting for a juicy bug to come for nectar. Ambush bugs remind me of hidden pictures. Speaking of hidden pictures, see if you can find the ambush bug on my Spanish Needles page. There's one there that I didn't mention on the page, and it's in plain sight. Somewhere on this page is another hidden creature. Test your observation skills: can you find the spider legs in one of the pictures on this page? For an easier task, find the green ambush bug nymph in the Purple Mistflower I'm holding in the picture above.

Ambush Bug lurking in purple mistflower

Here's a skipper butterfly that, from a distance, appeared to be sipping nectar from the mistflower. As I got closer and saw that it wasn't moving, I started looking for the flower spider or ambush bug that I suspected was eating the butterfly. Take a close look at the ambush bug. These bugs just keep getting stranger!

Ambush Bugs and a dead skipper butterfly

I twisted the flower sideways for a better view of just what was going on beneath it.

Ambush Bugs enjoying themselves after presumably eating the dead skipper butterfly

This little Pyrausta tyralis moth got lucky; it chose the right side of the flowers.

This ambush bug found a green hopper to nibble on. I found them on my Cnidoscolus bush.

Two Ambush Bugs and a red and yellow Pyrausta tyralis moth on Purple Mistflower
Ambush Bug eats a green hopper
Ambush Bugs
Two ambush bugs were lurking on the other side of the flowers. Did you see the front legs of one bug on top of the flower?
Ambush Bug on a Hercules Club leaf
This one on the bumpy underside of a Hercules Club Tree leaf apparently paused in passing; I didn't see any food for it there.
Pointy yellow and brown Ambush Bug
MORE Ambush Bugs
Ambush Bug
Ambush Bugs

These ambush bugs are not very big. These three all fit beside my fingertip with ample room to spare. Here they are a bit larger.

Ambush Bugs beside my fingertip
Three Ambush Bugs
Here's an ambush bug with its proboscis in a bee. I made a whole page about that meal.
Ambush Bug with its proboscis in a bee
Ambush Bug
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