1  2  3 Wood Storks in a drought, and an arrow  
These are Wood Storks, LOTS of them. There are more behind the camera. The water is extremely low; you can see the dry edges that are usually submerged all the way to the palm trees in the far background.
Lots of Wood Storks
It was dry land instead of a wetland, and the Wood Storks were feasting on the fish which were concentrated in the last bit of water, and seemingly easier to catch, perhaps because of poor water quality.
Dry cracked ground in the wetland during a drought
In the morning the Wood Storks and the other birds were moving around and feasting on fish.
Fish suffering from low water in a drought
Wood Storks were the clear majority, but a variety of species of birds was enjoying the easy meal.
This big white Great Egret flew in to snack, and this pink Roseate Spoonbill joined the party as well.
Wood Stork eating a fish
When this Wood Stork landed with its fish, the small Snowy Egret had to scurry out of the way to avoid getting squashed.
Great Egrey flying past two Wood Storks
Roseate Spoonbill flying past Wood Storks
Wood Stork with a fish in its mouth nearly landing on a Snowy Egret
Anhinga are fairly large diving birds, but this one is small beside the preening Wood Stork. There were lots of other birds enjoying the day too.
Fish in the beak of a Wood Stork
Many of the birds, having eaten their fill, retreated to the shore to digest their feast. Roy pointed out one Wood Stork that stood alone with its back to the water. When I left, he was showing a park ranger the bird. It had an arrow stuck through its foot.
I took over thirty pictures of this injured Wood Stork because it was far away and I wanted to get as clear a shot as possible. The bird never moved.

It's awful to think that someone might have done this deliberately. It is horrible for the bird, and won't be much fun for the owner of the fingerprints that get lifted from the arrow if they manage to catch the stork.

Female Anhinga looking at a Wood Stork
Lest I leave you in sadness, scroll down to my favorite picture of how awesome these huge birds can appear.
Wood Stork with a fish in its beak
...and then perhaps visit my other Wood Stork page.
Wood Stork Landing
Stuffed Wood Storks
Wood Stork shot by an arrow; arrow lodged in a Wood Stork's foot
Wood Storks
Wings Spread Wood Stork
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