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The Wood Stork is a very strange looking bird when you get up close to it, as I was fortunate enough to when this one landed right beside me. I was so close that I had to back up to get the picture of its face.
Wood Stork Standing
Wood Stork searching for food

The Wood Storks spent a lot of time looking for food. They open their beak in the water, and wiggle their foot along the bottom. I'm guessing that they'll feel their meal with either their foot or beak. I wasn't lucky enough to see the bird find one (yet.)

I saw several Wood Storks my first weekend walking Green Cay and the Wakodahatchee Wetlands.  They were amazing places to walk through!

The Wood Stork on the right posed with its neck stretched for Wendy, while the one on the left had its neck tucked down really showing off how extremely long its beak is.
Close up of Wood Stork head
Wood Stork
Wood Stork
Wood Stork
Wood Storks Preening One Another
The three Wood Storks were at Green Cay. One was clearly preening the other.
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Wood Stork Flying
Wood Stork wingspan
Wood Storks Preening One Another
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